Challenge of The Grandstander!

A classic story has been uploaded to The Dark Nebula website. “Challenge of The Grandstander!” was written by Dark Nebula creator Tad Pietrzykowski and illustrated by Glenn Lumsden. In fact, it was the very first DN story illustrated by Glenn. It was first serialised in Cyclone Australia! #1-3 (Cyclone Comics, 1985-86) and reprinted in DN’s own title The Dark Nebula #1 (Cyclone Comics, 1988). It currently is available in print as part of the Nightmares & Deceptions trade paperback, available for the first time in full colour, here.

Read “Challenge of The Grandstander” here.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been tracking down old copies of cyclone comics from th me 80s. I would love to know exactly what titles and issues there were. Can you help?

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